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Come explore the many areas where Skyline Drones can help you solve issues using unmanned aircraft.  We have over one-hundred years of combined aviation experience on staff to ensure our work exceeds your expectations every time.  We embrace a safety-centric culture that is driven directly from our safety management system and standard operating procedures.



We are a one-stop shop for all your refinery needs especially with dealing with environmental issues such as corrosion and gas detection.  Our chief pilot has personally trained  clients such as Phillips66, Anadarko, HFOTCO, and Chalmette Refinery as they have rolled out their own aerial capabilities.   Come see what we can do for your refinery!



Our inspection capabilities covers almost all types of telecom towers such as monopole, lattice and guyed towers.  Using special inspection techniques, our workflow provides sub-millimeter level resolution and relative accuracies of 2-3mm in most cases.  We are able to take this data and produce CAD models with level 500 detail allowing for full structural analysis.   



We perform utility pole inspections for both transmission and distribution lines.  We provide a full cloud solution for managing utility assets and inspection results for our clients.  Further,  for the past two years our Chief Pilot has personally trained over one hundred pilot candidates for Southern California Edison, in Los Angeles.  



We work with The Kansas City Southern Railroad providing inspection services for various rail assets.  Our analytics provide state-of-the-art methods for measurement and inspections.



Our emergency management services integrate well with existing on-site setup by implementing a side-by-side aerial capability that can be stand-alone and independently managed or merged within an existing framework.



Our team specializes in enterprise and industry drones, helping you get the job done. Create a faster, more efficient job site from pre-planning to final inspections. Turn-key UAS solutions.



Drones collect data more than 50 times faster than traditional methods. Solar farms are typically very large installations, so a drone equipped with an appropriate thermal camera can scan the entire farm for defects faster than using a hand-held thermal camera on the ground.



Road projects may seem deceptively simple to the outsider, but more work goes into the surveying process for road construction than the average driver imagines. Accuracy is critical at every stage, from clearing the site to laying the first materials.  As drones have become the surveyor’s tool of choice on all kinds of worksites, it’s increasingly common to see drone surveys at work on paving jobs. 



Drones provide bridge inspectors with a significant savings in time and costs, while providing customers with more thorough data for effective resource allocation. Lovelace points out that while safety is a big part of bridge inspections, it is also a critical tool for managing valuable infrastructure assets.

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