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Skyline Drones pilots have performed thousands of tower inspections to include Monopole, Self Supporter and Guyed Towers.  We are the only operator that has been able to successfully fly a fully autonomous Guyed Tower with millimeter-level resolution.  

Major Applications

Imagery Highlights

Skyline Drones has relevant industry experience stemming from aerial operations and training with tower clients to include Crown Castle, American Tower, SBA, DISH, and The Kansas City Southern Railroad.



Monopole Tower is a kind of tower that consists of one stem or one pole anchored to the ground. According to its cross-section, Monopole Tower is divided in to two types, Circular and Tapered.  A circular-pole is a kind of monopole having a cross section/panel diameter similar from bottom to top. A tapered-pole is a kind of monopole having a varied cross-section diameter size that when the used diameter is more up will be smaller.

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