Here is a scenario you may never have thought of? I was downtown taking some early morning pictures of the city skyline. I brought two batteries one for before sun-up and one for just as the sun broke the horizon. As the first battery was winding down, the drone began to inform me that it was low on battery. Wanting to ensure the last image I took was a keeper, I reviewed it in my app and started reeling the drone back at the same time, keeping my head buried in the app, not on the drone. Just a few seconds passed and I heard my drone, looked up and commanded it over to my right. It was right there about 30 feet from me. As I started to give input to have it come down, it didn't react. I thought "hmm, weird why didn't it come down further?" So after that happened I commanded it again and it started going to the right. I panicked and pressed the go home button, it started to raise up and then stopped and began flying away. So began to chase my drone as it wandered over by the bayou and it hovered right there again. I took my shoes off and prepared for it to start descending into the water, however, it then took off. Now keep in mind this entire time I have been trying to control the drone and make it come down. What I didn't know, was that this was NOT my drone at all. It was the same "kind" of drone, but wasn't mine. By this time, I knew the battery had run out and when I took a minute to calm down, I looked on my app and saw that my drone was a half mile away. I raced into my car to go there, it was a clear area, but guess what - it had already been taken. So from now on, I put colored skin on my drones to ensure this never happens again. What did I learn from this is that I should have taken a deep breath, looked at my telemetry and it would have easily told me where my drone was. The problem I had was that I was CONVINCED this was my drone and never bothered to just look down.

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