September 24 2017

We were asked to perform a site inspection for this Solar Farm up in the North Country.  The work products (or deliverable) to the client included a full mapping of the area along with RGB and Infrared inspection imagery for a very thorough inspection.

September 16 2017

Started our time-lapse of a home demolition along with a complete re-build.  Stay tuned for the next 8 months to see how well we are able to document this.

September 15 2017

Check out the damage that this roof suffered from the Harvey storm.  Looks like someone will be putting a new roof on this place soon!

September 10 2017

Another sign of catastrophe as we were asked to work up an insurance claim for Global Blue Technologies LLC of Taft, TX where they saw complete destruction of their shrimp hatchery.

As of today Skyline Drones has completed roof inspections for over 350 buildings since Hurricane Harvey hit us here in Texas.  Great job to our dedicated pilots who have been working overtime to satisfy the insurance adjuster demand.

September 8 2017

One of our pilots was featured today in Bloomberg Politics magazine - great job Sean you make us proud!

September 6-8 2017

Our Chief Pilot and Director of Operations attended Interdrone 2017 in Las Vegas.  Lots of cool new products coming out soon!

September 4 2017

We stopped to take some pictures in Refugio, Texas.  This town was hit very hard by Harvey and we couldn't help but feel so deeply for this community.   It was remarkable to see how people came from near and far to offer free water and food to anyone passing by - just incredible the humanity that we saw there - TEXAS PROUD!!

September 2-3 2017

Down in Corpus for tower wellness inspections all up and down the Texas coastal line.  It's a long way down wouldn't you say?  This is what it looks like from 1049 feet in the air!

August 31 2017

Our first two pilots have been activated and are on their way down to Corpus Christi.  They will be down there for up to three weeks and we wish them safe travels as they are about to embark on some incredible adventures pairing up with USAA Insurance Adjusters as they fly houses and buildings that have been affected by the storm.

August 30 2017

Utter Destruction is being realized here in Houston.  We are devastated at what this Hurricane system has done and although it seems unreal, for tens of thousands it is completely real....

August 29 2017

The FAA just posted a TFR around the entire Houston area; it not only bans drones but also any general aviation aircraft.  This is being done so that the sky is clear of congestion, mainly for helicopters that are flying very low to perform S&R activities.

August 28 2017

It literally rained ALL day here in Houston and didn't let up once.  So sad for the those displaced, these are people that I grew up with and we have all opened our homes, pantries and anything else for those who are in need.

August 27 2017

Devastating floods are taking a big bite out of Texas, especially here in Houston.  All of our Skyline family seems to be doing well although each day is a new challenge.  Praying for Houston!

August 26 2017

Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Coast yesterday and made its way inland.  Here are a couple of images showing all of the buses here in Houston that were relocated from their yard to higher ground.  That is one sure way of protecting assets!